SK gears up for largest

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SK Group has opened registrations for its annual tech conference, the SK Tech Summit 2023, which wil 。

SK Group has opened registrations for its annual tech conference, the SK Tech Summit 2023, which will be held on its largest scale ever, the telecom carrier SK Telecom said on Wednesday.

Under the theme of “AI Everywhere for a Better Future,” the SK Tech Summit 2023 is scheduled to take place from Nov. 16 to 17 at Coex in southern Seoul.

A total of 17 subsidiaries under the conglomerate, including SK Telecom, will prepare sessions, exhibitions and additional activities featuring 190 technologies related to AI, augmented and virtual reality, big data, blockchain, the cloud and other ICT technologies.

This year’s topic of artificial intelligence will take up 60 percent of the sessions, allowing SK to share its vision and confidence in a future with AI.

Adding to its key global partners -- Anthropic, Amazon Web Services and Google -- the giant also invited the member companies of the K-AI Alliance -- SK Telecom-led AI Alliance -- to cultivate a comprehensive AI ecosystem.

The two-day conference will kick off with SK Telecom CEO Ryu Young-sang’s opening speech on SK’s response to the changes and opportunities brought by generative AI.

The opening ceremony will also see four keynote speakers underscoring the importance of generative AI. These speakers include Chung Suk-geun, chief AI global officer at SK Telecom; Jared Kaplan, Anthropic CSO; Slavik Dimitrovich, head of specialist solutions architecture of AI/ML at AWS; and Warren Barkley, senior director of product management at Google.

In the afternoon, Sapeon, a global AI semiconductor company that spun out from SK Telecom last year, will reveal its next-generation inference AI chip X330 for the first time.

The telecom giant will also prepare an exhibition booth for its mobile virtual assistant to showcase the applications of AI technology in our daily lives.

Entrance to the event is free. For further details on the schedule and ticketing, visit